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Welcome to Being a Woman… For Men. A show where a guy, me, Ethan Banville, talks to women about obstacles they’ve faced in their lives and careers just for being women. Don’t worry, dudes and bros, this show isn’t a bunch of angry people screaming into a microphone. It’s a casual, funny and informative hour where I talk with executives, comedians, teachers, writers, lingerie makers, athletes and more who share life experiences that women don’t normally share with men. That’s right, we’ve got the secrets! The keys to forming stronger peer relationships with the opposite sex! And ladies, we’ve got amazing guests with relatable stories that you’ll love, too! You are not alone!
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Nov 9, 2017

"Blissfully retired" English teacher Lou Rocket comes on the podcast to share her gripping story of how her ex-husband tried to kill her and how she survived. Showing the true strength of a great parent, she was back to work one month after the incident, and went on to continue her career as one of the most respected teachers in Fall River, Massachusetts. She tells us of her early career, how she was forced to resign at 7 months pregnant, and how she worked her way back in to teaching when her intuition told her she would need to be independent from her then husband at sometime in the future.

Nov 1, 2017

Producer/Director Pamela B. Green comes on the podcast to talk about her upcoming documentary, "Be Real" that covers the life and epic career of Alice Guy-Blaché, the first female director in narrative film. We talk about Pam's long career designing and producing titles for movies we all know and love and how in her research she discovered the mystery of how a woman like Alice Guy could make one thousand movies and be forgotten by the world. Pamela's a great lover of history and her passion for Alice comes through as she gives us a few teasers of the upcoming documentary.